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Addiction - Lamb

Now Grain Free! What makes Addiction's Le Lamb so different? We start with the most tender, Free-range Lamb from the pristine pastures of New Zealand and top it off with... Learn More


Treats - Cookies Dried Savoury Meat

Savoury Meat Cookies a tasty treat full of healthy meat and nutrients. The cookies are made using a mixture of fresh high quality meats and offal, selected ingredients and wholesome   grains, like... Learn More


Treats - Dried Beef Lung

Dried Beef Lung is a 100% natural product without artificial additives. Beef lung is produced from fresh beef raw materials, solely through drying. The drying process ensures that the important proteins,... Learn More


Ultra - Adult Full Maintenance Buttons

Adult Full Maintenance is a premium dry dog food that has been formulated for dogs over 9 months of age. Contains omega 3 & omega 6, garlic, kelp, oregano &... Learn More


Addiction - Venison

This healthy, grain-free blend of finest New Zealand venison, vegetables, fruits and probiotics is a mouth-watering and highly nutritious food for cats of all life stages.   Our delicious Viva... Learn More


Addiction - Raw Dehydrated Beef & Zucchini

Reward your dog with a tantalizing steakhouse experience that brings together mouth-watering New Zealand Beef with the refreshing taste of Zucchini. With chunky beef pieces that you can see, this... Learn More


Addiction - Kangaroo & Apples

Wild kangaroo is an incredibly nutritious protein that contains the highest levels of Conjugated Linoleic Acid of any red meat. And because the kangaroo is harvested from the wild, it’s... Learn More


Addiction - Zen Vegetarian

Addiction Zen Vegetarian Adult Dry Dog Food Designed to promote wellness and vitality in dogs allergic to meat. It is rich in Isoflavones and Antioxidants. Watch your dog's skin and... Learn More


Treats - Dried Beef Liver

Liver Treats are bite-size treats which are delectable to dogs. Very good reward for obedience training or just as a treat. The delicacy among the dog treats made of 100% beef liver.... Learn More


Ultra - Adult Full Maintenance Minis

Adult Full Maintenance is a premium dry dog food that has been formulated for dogs over 9 months of age. Contains omega 3 & omega 6, garlic, kelp, oregano &... Learn More


Addiction - Raw Dehydrated Brushtail Possum

Inspired by New Zealands’s magical Summers, this nutritious and delectable recipe combines mouth-watering Brushtail meat with nutrient rich Sunflower Seeds, Papayas, Spinach and Potatoes. For decades, New Zealanders have been... Learn More


Addiction - Raw Dehydrated Chicken & Apricot

Give your dog a scrumptious and healthy country dinner with tender New Zealand chicken flavored with the delicate aroma of sweet apricots. With chunky chicken pieces that you can see,... Learn More


Addiction - Raw Dehydrated Lamb & Potatoes

What can be more satisfying than New Zealand Lamb flavored with fragrant Rosemary and Thyme? Topped off with Spinach, Potatoes and Carrots, this grain-free recipe is a wholesome daily meal... Learn More


Addiction - Salmon Bleu

Featuring Pacific Salmon from the bluest oceans, Addiction's Salmon Bleu is a hypoallergenic diet with an optimal balance of essential nutrients. High in Omega 3 fatty acids and natural antioxidants,... Learn More


Ranchman's & Superior Chunky - 50/50 Mix

Ranchmans 5+5 Mixed 2.4kg Dog Rolls - 10 Pack5 x Ranchmans Premium Dog Roll (2.4kg each) 5 x Ranchmans Chicken Dog Roll (2.4kg each)Any recipe is only as good as... Learn More


Ranchman's - Dog Rolls Chicken 2.4KG

Any recipe is only as good as the ingredients it contains. The cornerstone of Ranchman's Chicken Dog Rolls is the fresh high quality chicken, used with selected ingredients and wholesome... Learn More


Treats - Dried Beef Ears

Dried Beef Ears are a highly digestible tasty treat for your dog and offer a lower fat alternative to pig ears. The ears are odour-free and help to strengthen and... Learn More


Treats - Dried Beef Sticks

Beef Sticks are a fine rolled cut of beef made from the weasand of an animal, which has been dehydrated for a mouth-watering chew. A no mess treat ideal for any size... Learn More


Treats - Dried Bull Chews

Bull Chews are a no mess, long lasting chew, that is packed full of flavour. They are produced from fresh beef sinew, solely through drying. The drying process ensures that... Learn More


Treats - Dried Chicken Necks

Chicken Necks are dehydrated. A great chew for the smaller dog. A very natural product that is high in protein, essential vitamins and minerals. A great mix of meat and... Learn More


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