Dog Rolls

Ranchman's & Superior Chunky - 50/50 Mix

Ranchmans 5+5 Mixed 2.4kg Dog Rolls - 10 Pack5 x Ranchmans Premium Dog Roll (2.4kg each) 5 x Ranchmans Chicken Dog Roll (2.4kg each)Any recipe is only as good as... Learn More


Ranchman's - Dog Rolls Chicken 2.4KG

Any recipe is only as good as the ingredients it contains. The cornerstone of Ranchman's Chicken Dog Rolls is the fresh high quality chicken, used with selected ingredients and wholesome... Learn More


Superior Chunky - Dog Rolls Chicken 2.2KG

Superior Chunky CHICKENA semi-moist dog roll made from fresh New Zealand chicken blended with wholegrains, vitamins, minerals and garlicContains chicken, semolina, sucrose, garlic, preservatives, added vitamins & minerals | Pack... Learn More